Our experience

Strategic and M&A advisory experience

MX$4.2 billion
Saltillo – Monterrey
toll road securitization

US$1.2 billion
Divesture of its Mexican power generation portfolio to Mitsui / Tokyo Gas

US$304 million
Acquisition of Transalta’s power generation assets in Mexico

US$1.5 billion
Divesture of its insurance business in Mexico to AXA

US$1.4 billion
Divesture of its Mexican power generation assets to Gas Natural

US$1.3 billion
Acquisition of Santander’s pension fund assets in Latin America

Fairness Opinion on FCP’s tender offer for shares

Successful bid for La Sexta, 4th free-TV channel license in Spain

US$94 million
Divesture of water service companies in Mexico City and Cancún

Defense advisory on AES’s hostile takeover

US$1.1 billion
Corporate Strategy restructuring and $1.1 billion divesture of controlling stake to Petrobras

US$227 million
Privatization of Peru’s hydroelectric company Eletroandes

US$433 million
Acquisition of Chile’s and Argentina’s power distribution companies SAESA & Frontel from COPEC

US$200 million
Sale of Argentina’s power distribution company EDEERSA

US$238 million
Privatization of Argentina’s electricity distributor EDEMSA

US$435 million
Acquisition of Argentina’s electricity distribution company EMDERSA

MX$5,400 million Acquisition of Satmex

US$80 million
Acquisition of Drogueros S.A.

US$275 million
Sale of Caesar Park to Accor S.A.

US$1.25 billion
Sale to Telefónica Movistar

MX$140 million
Sale of assets to Fibra Hotel

Sale of two subsidiaries to Grupo Salinas

Negotiation with Sponsors of new 230 MW Termoeléctrica del Golfo power plant

Feasibility study for new 845 MW merchant power plant in Argentina

US$26 million
Privatization of Bolivia’s main cement company

Financial situation analysis of five of the largest housing companies

Sale of Kindgarten school

Profitability analysis of the Mexican mortgage loan product

Financial restructuring advisory (2009 – 2011)

Financial advisor on the tender offer of the Línea 3 suburban light train system

Financial and strategic advisory

Financial and strategic advisory

Sell-side financial advisor on 150 MW solar energy generation project

Consumer Products Company
Sell-side financial advisor and capital reinvestment structuring

Equity raising experience

US$550 million IPO

US$2.5 billion
Follow-on Offering

US$215 million Follow-on Offering

US$1.8 billion
IPO, first Mexican listing on the London Stock Exchange

US$90 million Convertible debt

US$40 million
Follow-on Offering

US$200 million
Block trade

Debt funding experience

US$3.0 billion
Consent solicitation to align international Notes indentures with changes due to the Energy Reform

MX$12 billion
Debt issuance for refinancing the asset acquisition from Grupo Gigante

US$4.0 billion
Issuance of 5, 10 and 30 years Notes

US$3.9 billion
Issuance of 10 year Notes & Tender Offer

US$310 million
Issuance of US$225 million 5 year Notes, US$85 mill reopening & Tender Offer

MX$2.3 billion
Credit card vouchers securitization

US$530 million
Term loan bank syndication

US$2.75 billion
Issuance of 5 and 30 year Notes

US$500 million
Issuance of 10 year Notes

MX$1.4 billion
Issuance of Notes (Certificados Bursatiles)

MX$25.0 billion
Notes issuance, first ever locally syndicated

MX$155 million
Securitization of leasing loans

US$400 million
Bank loan syndication

US$1.0 billion
Issuance of 10 year Notes

MX$3.9 billion

Consumer vouchers private securitization

UDIS 1.2 billion Mortgage Backed Securitization

US$1.8 billion
Bond exchange

US$41.4 billion
Consent solicitation on all international Notes to amend event of default provision due to Energy Reform

MX$2.25 billion
Issuance of Certificados Bursatiles (local bonds) and US$189 million Tender Offer

US$900 million
Debt restructuring

US$1.75 billion
Issuance of US$1 billion 10 year, & US$750 million 31 year Notes

US$140 million
Vacation Club credit facilities

US$2.2 billion
Bond exchange for 10, 30 and 100 year Notes

US$800 million
Bank loan syndication

US$4.0 billion
Issuance of 5, 10 and 30 year Notes



US$52 million
Prevately placed credit card receivables securitization

US$200 million
Issuance of 5 year Notes

US$90 million
Eurobond Issuance

MX$4.0 billion
Construction loans securitization

MX$500 million
Term loan from FIDEC

MX$90 million
Private securitization of microloans

MX$1.0 billion
Structured credit line and revenue sharing JV with Mexican agribusiness focused bank

Note: Includes transactions executed by partners of Alea Capital while working at other institutions.